The Toy Receiving Global Attention

Are you wondering if you can get a replica plush animal to memorialize your pet or just give your pet a stuffed twin? Well guess what, at Cuddle Clones, you can! Just imagine! Your pet – endless custom creations! This company is receiving attention globally for its great products, since it is the best at creating great custom stuffed animals of your pet without going through distasteful methods such as cloning and taxidermy, at the most competitive prices.

amy the dogHowever, its charity cause and inspiring foundation makes it all the more attention grabbing. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Cuddle Clones was born when Jennifer Graham, its founder, lost her pet and best friend, Rufus. The Great Dane died in 2009 and in honor of his memory, she decided to make a stuffed replica. This gave her the idea to extend the same service to other pet owners, thus their tagline; “Happy pets, happy people.”

You do not have to look far to find out why pet lovers are tripping over themselves for a personalized pet. While there are other companies in the industry, Cuddle Clones is the only one that makes the custom stuffed animals of your pet look as cuddly, soft and real as possible. This is because they use the best quality materials. However since each pet is handcrafted, it takes up to 10 weeks for the entire process to be concluded. In my opinion though, this only serves to make them even more monty the catspecial. Charges for large pets such as dogs are $199 whereas smaller pets for example, rabbits, go for $129 excluding tax and shipping costs. However judging by their many positive reviews from satisfied customers, they deliver on their promise.

A visit to their immediately unleashes a strong feeling of nostalgia and longing for your lost pet or increased fondness for the pet beside you due to their array of cute and plush stuffed pets. The side-by-side photos of real pets alongside their clones will blow your mind. If cuteness could kill, pet lovers making a stop here would die happy! Aside from its wow and “aww!” factor, the website is incredibly easy to navigate and starting out the process to design the custom stuffed animals of your pet involves just a few clicks. This includes uploading as many photos of your pets as possible with an option to customizing tail and ear positioning among other specifications.

jax the dogOn top of making custom stuffed animals of your pet, Cuddle Clones also make other customized products, including but not limited to ornaments collars and hoodies. Graham also gives back to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds of each clone to animal charities and causes such as the Help Save Oakley Fund. This is in the hope of giving animals and pets all over a better life. So whether you are getting your loved one a gift, ordering one for a family member who’s due to school or work commitments will not be close to the pet anymore or requesting one for yourself, custom stuffed animals of your pet is a great idea. Make no mistake; both you and your pet will absolutely fall in love.